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For All We Know

  • Green and Yellow vinyl with signed print.
RELEASE DATE // Sep 16, 2016
12" Album / RCA / Pop, R&B, Soul
NAO's debut album 'For All We Know' could be one of the defining records of 2016. Her emergence as one of the most adored new singers of the year has been as fluid and elegant as one of her vocal phrases. Now she has delivered her highly anticipated debut 'For All We Know', a transcendent set of 18 songs. Woozy, spacey funk, shot through with her effortless breath-taking toplines, part neo-soul, part UK bass, part funk rock - all at a sensual, stepping R&B pace. The record features favourite singles like 'Girlfriend', 'Inhale Exhale', 'Bad Blood' and 'Fool To Love' as well as incredible unheard tracks like 'Trophy' - where NAO recombines with A.K. Paul again - and 'Get To Know Ya' co-produced by XL Recordings' Jungle. Other co-producers (NAO is credited as producer on 17 of the 18 tracks) include her good friends John Calvert ('In The Morning', 'Blue Wine', 'We Don't Give A'), Grades ('Bad Blood', 'Fool To Love', 'Inhale Exhale', 'Girlfriend') and Loxe ('Adore You' and 'Give Me A Little'). 'For All We Know' is the record of a one-of-a-kind artist destined for greatness. A record you can dip your head into for a 360-degree spectrum of kaleidoscopic digi-funk.
2LP - Double LP Set.
Tracklist: 1. Intro (Like Velvet)
2. Get to Know Ya
3. Inhale Exhale
4. Voice Memo 161
5. Happy
6. Voice Memo 162
7. Adore You
8. In the Morning
9. Trophy
10. Bad Blood
11. DYWM
12. We Don't Give A
13. Give Me a Little
14. Fool to Love
15. Voice Memo 4 (Say Yes)
16. Blue Wine
17. Girlfriend
18. Feels Like (Perfume

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