New releases // Oct 14, 2016



  • Black/White Half-and-Half vinyl limited to 100 copies.
  • Clear vinyl limited to 400 copies.
  • Limited Edition White vinyl (EU pressing).
  • Limited Edition Purple-in-Clear vinyl (EU pressing).
RELEASE DATE // Oct 14, 2016
12" Album / Mayfly Records / Shoegaze, Dream pop
Belgium shoegaze/dream pop artist Newmoon rose out of the ashes of melodic hardcore act Midnight Souls. Although there are obvious differences in their music, Newmoon uses a well thought out approach to create layers and waves of sound to create a vibe and a feeling very similar to how Midnight Souls had in the past. Space is the band's debut LP.
Tracklist: 1. Helium
2. Head Of Stone
3. Life In the Sun
4. Skin
5. Coma
6. Everything Is
7. Hi
8. One Thousand
9. Liberate the World

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