New releases // Jul 29, 2022


Enter The Kettle

  • White Smoke vinyl
July 29, 2022
12" Album / Cooking Vinyl
‘Enter The Kettle’ is the second album on Alex Paterson’s new label Orbscure. It’s primarily a duo LP with him and old friend Fil Le Gonidec, who together are OSS.

They were originally known as Orb Sound System – a half DJ/half live version of The Orb, which could gig more nimbly than the main machine. Early shows saw reggae- heavy selections and sometimes featured toasters, but seeing as they never actually had a soundsystem, can’t play out at the moment and have made a record – it’s currently just OSS, which now stands for On Sum Shit.
  • 1. Whippersnapper
  • 2. No Speed Limit
  • 3. Digital Bicycle Clips
  • 4. Wow Picasso
  • 5. Disco Bombing
  • 6. Delta River

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