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Room Inside the World

  • Indie exclusive white vinyl.
RELEASE DATE // Feb 16, 2018
12" Album / Merge Records / Rock, Indie rock, New wave
On Room Inside the World — Ought’s third album and their first for Merge — growing up doesn’t mean mellowing out so much as it means learning to pay attention, listening carefully and openly, staying somewhere long enough to really understand where you are. Recorded at Rare Book Room in Brooklyn with producer Nicolas Vernhes (Deerhunter, Animal Collective, Silver Jews), Room Inside the World explores themes that have always concerned the band — identity, connection, survival in a precarious world—but with a bolder, more nuanced sound palette. Vibraphone, justly intonated synthesizers, drum machines, and a 70-piece choir suffuse the precise post-punk breakdowns that spangled Ought’s first two albums, giving rise to an emotional complexity that pushes their characteristically taut sound to greater depths.
Tracklist: 1. Into The Sea
2. Disgraced In America
3. Disaffectation
4. These 3 Things
5. Desire
6. Brief Shield
7. Take Everything
8. Pieces Wasted
9. Alice

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