New releases // Sep 24, 2021

Park Hye Jin

Before I Die

  • Deluxe edition, hot pink vinyl + bonus 7"
  • Baby blue vinyl
September 24, 2021
12" Album / Ninja Tunde / Electronic, Downtempo, Hip-hop
Park Hye Jin releases her highly-anticipated debut album Before I Die on Ninja Tune. The album—entirely written, produced and performed by the South Korean-born and now LA-based the producer, rapper, singer, and DJ—follows the release of her hugely successful ‘How can I’ EP and comes on the heels of a string of collaborations, working with the likes of Clams Casino and Take A Daytrip (“Y DON’T U”), Blood Orange (“CALL ME (Freestyle)”) and Nosaj Thing (“CLOUDS”), plus a remix from Galcher Lustwerk (“Can you”).

Lead single and opening track ‘Let’s Sing Let’s Dance’, a wistful dance track that places Hye Jin’s mantra-like vocals over piano keys and rumbling bass. Elsewhere on the record she continues to expand her sonic palette, drawing on a range of influences that take in electronic, rap / hip-hop and downtempo sensibilities to present the most complete vision yet of her sound.
  • 1. Let’s Sing Let’s Dance
  • 2. I Need You
  • 3. Before I Die
  • 4. Good Morning Good Night
  • 5. Me Trust Me
  • 6. Where Did I Go
  • 7. Never Give Up
  • 8. Can I Get Your Number
  • 9. Whatchu Doin Later
  • 10. Sex With ME (DEFG)
  • 11. Where Are You Think
  • 12. Never Die
  • 13. Hey, Hey, Hey
  • 14. Sunday ASAP
  • 15. i jus wanna be happy

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