New releases // Jan 19, 2018


The House

  • Domino Mart exclusive pale yellow vinyl.
RELEASE DATE // Jan 19, 2018
12" Album / Domino / Indie rock, Soul
Aaron Maine, aka Porches, has announced his third full-length album, The House, a conscious effort in minimalism and honesty. Out on January 19 via Domino, it which follows 2016's Pool and Water EP, and includes contributions from (Sandy) Alex G, Dev Hynes, Solange collaborator Bryndon Cook, Okay Kaya, Maya Laner, Cende’s Cameron Wisch, and Porches’ father Peter Maine.

The Domino Mart exclusive version of the album on limited pressing pale yellow vinyl, includes 11" x 22" fold out poster, and MP3 download card.
Tracklist: 1. Leave The House
2. Find Me
3. Understanding
4. Now The Water
5. Country
6. By My Side
7. Åkeren
8. Anymore
9. Wobble
10. Goodbye
11. Swimmer
12. W Longing
13. Ono
14. Anything U Want

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