New releases // Sep 6, 2019

Pseudo Mind Hive

From Elsewhere

  • Galactic Storm variant, limited to 326 copies.
RELEASE DATE // Sep 6, 2019
12" Album / Copper Feast Records / Rock, Psychedelic Rock, Stoner Rock
Pseudo Mind Hive’s debut LP 'From Elsewhere'. A fuzz-encrusted psychedelic vignette delivering tales from the nether; forged, refined and nurtured like a shining blade conjured within the mythic forge of Hephaestus and offering a fleeting glimpse into Elsewhere. Let piercing solos, haunting vocals, earth-rattling bass lines and hypnotic grooves permeate every fibre of your corporeal form; like alien warning signals born of amp stacks and stomp-boxes, echoing through the foothills of Mars.

One of the best heavy-psych rock albums of 2018, From Elsewhere is back on vinyl, having been out of print since two sold-out Australian pressings last year!

Copper Feast Records are delighted to be putting together a never-before-seen deluxe package for this EU/UK repressing, which will feature the following:

1) Limited edition single LP on 'Galactic Storm' cloudy coloured vinyl with a similar design to our pressing of Foot's Buffalo.
2) Deluxe edition gatefold outer sleeve, featuring brand new artwork from Chelsea Tuesday.
3) Metallic foiling of the text elements on the gatefold to provide that ultra-deluxe feel
Tracklist: 1. Cygnus
2. Weeping Woman
3. Red Earth
4. Desert God
5. Protect The Swarm
6. Don't Look The Wizard In The Eye
7. Highway To The Purple Sky

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