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  • Green marbled vinyl.
  • Limited edition ultra-clear vinyl, exclusive to Last Gang.
  • Limited edition "Twilight" colored vinyl.
RELEASE DATE // Feb 2, 2018
12" Album / Loma Vista / R&B, Funk, Soul
“We’ve spent the last few years on the road translating the Woman album from a bedroom project into a full live experience. With BLOOD, it’s been the opposite process; the music and sounds were really born out of the live environment and are built for performance,” commented RHYE frontman, Milosh. “It takes a lot of courage to be vulnerable in front of an audience night after night. I use the same courage on every song on this record.”
Tracklist: 1. Waste
2. Taste
3. Feel Your Weight
4. Please
5. Count To Five
6. Song For You
7. Blood Knows
8. Stay Safe
9. Phoenix
10. Softly
11. Sinful

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