New releases // Oct 20, 2023

SleaFord Mods

More UK Grim

  • Pink vinyl
October 20, 2023
12" Album / Rough Trade / Electronic, Hip Hop, Rock
Fresh from supporting Blur at Wembley, Sleaford Mods return with a EP of six new tracks. Emerging from the same environment that created the duo's Top 3 album UK GRIM, the songs of More UK GRIM share the incisive lyrical vision and forward-thinking electronics that won acclaim for the LP. Tracks including Under The Rules, Old Nottz and Big Pharma not only continue Mods' era of dancefloor dominance, but with insight and wit, outrage and compassion, they critique yet celebrate our turbulent times.
  • 1. Under The Rules
  • 2. Old Nottz
  • 3. Big Pharma
  • 4. PO Crazeh
  • 5. My 18hr Girdie
  • 6. Old Nottz (Alt mix)

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