New releases // Aug 5, 2022

Sophia Mills

Baby Magic

  • Transparent red vinyl
August 5, 2022
12" Album / Sofia Mills / Alternative, Indie folk, Indie pop
The debut album from 19-year-old artist Sofia Mills, Baby Magic intimately details the most pivotal moments in her coming-of-age experience: breakups with toxic boyfriends, coming out as queer at age 16, a longtime struggle with mental illness. As shown on her breakthrough single "Coffee Breath" (a self-produced track that's amassed over 90 million streams on Spotify to date), the Massachusetts-born singer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist imbues her storytelling with both startling clarity and profound sensitivity, an element echoed in her warmly textured brand of indie-pop.
  • 1. Dreamgirl
  • 2. Won't You
  • 3. Drunk / Tired
  • 4. Life of the Party
  • 5. Baby Magic
  • 6. Wish I Would
  • 7. Bite
  • 8. Sleepover
  • 9. White Lilies

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