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Speedy Ortiz

Twerp Verse

  • Indie exclusive pink rainbow splatter vinyl.
RELEASE DATE // Apr 27, 2018
12" Album / Carpark Records / Rock, Indie rock
It’s their first full-length since 2015’s well-received Foil Deer, and first with guitarist Andy Molholt of Laser Background. Twerp Verse is produced by Mike Mogis, in-house engineer of Omaha indie institution Saddle Creek, who lends the same bucolic Nebraska sheen that has graced Mogis-produced efforts by Bright Eyes, Rilo Kiley and Cursive to Speedy Ortiz’s candy-coated lo-fi indie pop sound. Sadie Dupuis explains the slightly-longer than normal lapse of time since the last record, citing an album that was written but subsequently scrapped following the 2016 election: “The songs on the album that were strictly personal or lovey dovey just didn’t mean anything to me anymore. That’s not the kind of music I’ve found healing or motivating in the past few years, and I was surprised I’d written so much of it.” She goes on to explain the title of the record: “I call it a ‘twerp verse' when a musician guests on a track and says something totally outlandish – like a Lil Wayne verse – but it becomes the most crucial part. You need to employ a self-preservational sense of humor to speak truth in an increasingly baffling world.”

Indie-exclusive pink rainbow splatter colored vinyl pressing includes bonus 7-inch containing two additional tracks, all housed in full-color gatefold jacket with foldout poster.
Tracklist: 1. Buck Me Off
2. Lean In When I Suffer
3. Lucky 88
4. Can I Kiss You?
5. Backslidin'
6. Villain
7. I'm Blessed
8. Sport Death
9. Alone with Girls
10. Moving In
11. You Hate The Title

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