New releases // Nov 2, 2018

Stranger Things

Halloween Sounds From The Upside Down

  • Limited edition Pumpkin Orange vinyl
RELEASE DATE // Nov 2, 2018
12" Compilation / Invada Records Uk / Lakeshore / Soundtrack, Electronic, Ambient
Stranger Things composers and electronic veterans Kyle Dixon & Michael Stein return with Stranger Things: Halloween Sounds From the Upside Down. The record features 14 original unreleased tracks from the series specifically curated to be as creepy and atmospheric as possible.
Tracklist: 1. Turn On The Lights
2. Sick Of Cow
3. Power Maintenance
4. Roars From The Lab
5. Mercy
6. Shadow In The Tunnel
7. Do You Accept The Risk?
8. Tree Slime
9. Entering The Cellar
10. A Familiar Shape
11. The Spy
12. Turn Right & Run
13. They Hurt Me
14. Possessed

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