New releases // Sep 9, 2016


The Long Dark Blue

  • End Hits Records exclusive Purple vinyl limited to 500 copies.
  • Green vinyl limited to 500 copies.
RELEASE DATE // Sep 9, 2016
12" Album / End Hits Records / Hardcore, Punk, Rock
Dutch hardcore punk band Swain is releasing their long awaited full-length record The Long Dark Blue via End Hits Records. Singer Noam states: "Two years ago, we realised we were stuck, bored and the shows had ironically become a routine. So we moved to Berlin. I had no steady house for a year, separated from a relationship, entered new ones, questioned my sexuality and traditional relationships. And then we wrote a record that we knew would make us scared about sharing it with you."
Tracklist: 1. Hold My Head
2. Half Asleep / Half Awake
3. Punk-Rock Messed You Up, Kid!
4. Never Clean My Room
5. It’s Hard To Make Friends
6. Kiss Me Hard
7. Faze Me
8. Secrets Inside
9. Seen A Good Man (In A Bad Mood)
10. You’re Not Special
11. Hoping For It
12 Strange Way Down
13. Rid Myself Of You

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