New releases // Feb 17, 2017

Tall Tall Trees


  • Hand-numbered clear w/ blue smoke vinyl limited to 271 copies.
  • White vinyl.
RELEASE DATE // Feb 17, 2017
12" Album / Joyful Noise / Folk rock, Indie
To say that Mike Savino is an innovator would be an understatement. Touring under the moniker Tall Tall Trees, the banjo-wielding bard has reshaped the landscape of what is possible with the instrument. On stage and in studio, Savino breaks down the banjo into its most basic iteration, reminding audiences that the banjo is, at root, a drum. Coupled with his mastery of electronic effects, loops, toy ray guns, and heaps of spontaneous creativity, Tall Tall Trees has been encapsulating audience members worldwide with his mystifying solo shows, as well as playing alongside fellow innovator Kishi Bashi.

His latest album 'Freedays' is, in a way, his debut album. Having recorded two previous albums in a traditional collaborative band setting, 'Freedays' is the first album Savino wrote and recorded as a solo project. Beginning in 2015, Savino took a much-needed respite from New York City, where he had spent a decade and a half honing his craft, and assumed the role of sole caretaker at an abandoned health retreat nestled in the green mountains of northern Georgia. The Bird’s Nest, as it was called, completely surrounded by national forest, provided the freedom and space to work without time constraints or interruption.

- via Joyful Noise Recordings
Tracklist: 1. Backroads
2. A Place To Call Your Own
3. Being There
4. CLC
5. Lost In Time
6. SeagullxEagle
7. The Riverbend
8. So Predictable
9. Freedays

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