New releases // Jul 29, 2022



  • Green and orange splatter vinyl
July 29, 2022
12" Album / Kanine Records / Rock, Dream Pop, Jangle Pop
With their brand-new sophomore album, Patina, Toronto-based indie pop band Tallies have found a way to expertly walk that razor-thin tightrope, nodding to their favorite bands of the past while transforming their sound into something tight, bright, and undeniably fresh. They dove into bands like the Sundays, the Smiths, Aztec Camera and added their own signature elements, including Sarah's airy-yet arresting vocals, Dylan's stunning, gossamer guitar work and Cian's astronomic drumming. The follow up to 2019 self-titled debut, which solidified them as Canada's leading dream pop scholars, Patina's lush soundscapes were produced by Graham Walsh of the stalwart art-rock band Holy Fuck (who has also helmed records by Alvvays, Metz and Bully) and features a juxtaposition of light and dark, upbeat tunes with undercut with sometimes deliciously discordant guitars.
  • 1. No Dreams of Fayres
  • 2. Hearts Underground
  • 3. Wound Up Tight
  • 4. Catapult
  • 5. Heavens Touch
  • 6. Special
  • 7. Memento
  • 8. Am I the Man
  • 9. When Your Life Is Not Over

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