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The Callous Daoboys

Celebrity Therapist

  • Bone & olive green swirl vinyl
September 2, 2022
12" Album / Mnrk Heavy / Rock, Metalcore
"The Callous Daoboys are easily one of the catchiest and extraordinary hardcore bands of the last few years. [A] fresh young band giving hope that the mathcore scene won't die off." - Exclaim! The recklessly free-spirited collective from Atlanta, Georgia, revels in high-strung extremity, music that's somehow dense, impenetrable, and chaotic yet confusingly inviting. An undeniable life-affirming glee is palpable as each song deliriously swerves across stylistic lines. Contemplation and self-awareness run throughout Celebrity Therapist. "The whole album is about history repeating itself and how we kind of move in circles. It's two steps forward and three steps back with a bunch of people in my life. The album is me reflecting on these people but realizing I'm guilty of the same at the end of the record. There are a lot of 'fuck you' songs because every heavy band likes writing those. But overall, the lyrics are more introspective and quite loving." Rambunctious, bounda
  • 1. Violent Astrology
  • 2. A Brief Article Regarding Time Loops
  • 3. Beautiful Dude Missile
  • 4. Title Track
  • 5. Field Sobriety Practice
  • 6. The Elephant Man in the Room
  • 7. What Is Delicious? Who Swarms?
  • 8. Star Baby

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