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The Jazz Passengers

Individually Twisted

  • Peach vinyl
September 17, 2021
12" Album / Modern Harmonic / Jazz
Rock icons Deborah Harry and Elvis Costello join NYC avant garde collaboration The Jazz Passengers for a perfectly matched ‘97 album. The Passengers’ always entertaining grooves pair with Harry and Costello’s unmistakable vocal textures for exquisite originals and fresh takes on jazz standards, including the can’t-miss duet “Doncha Go ‘Way Mad”! Of course the vocalists get all the ink, but this is Roy Nathanson (sax) and Curtis Fowlkes’ (trombone) band including a stellar crew of jazzmen, Bill Ware (vibes), E. J. Rodriguez (drums), Brad Jones (bass), and Sam Bardfeld (violin). The featured guitarist is the unheralded icon Marc Ribot (Tom Waits, John Zorn, Tricky, Harry Shearer, Beck, etc.), what an embarrassment of riches! First vinyl pressing ever!
  • 1. Babble a La Roy
  • 2. Maybe I'm Lost (feat. Deborah Harry)
  • 3. L'il Darlin' (feat. Deborah Harry)
  • 4. The Tide Is High (feat. Deborah Harry)
  • 5. Pork Chop (feat. Deborah Harry)
  • 6. Aubergine (feat. Elvis Costello)
  • 7. Olé (feat. Deborah Harry)
  • 8. Imitation of a Kiss (feat. Deborah Harry)
  • 9. Jive Samba, Pt. 2
  • 10. Doncha Go 'Way Mad (feat. Deborah Harry & Elvis Costello)
  • 11. Angel Eyes (feat. Deborah Harry)
  • 12. It Came From Outer Space / Star Dust

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