New releases // Jun 22, 2018

This Wild Life


  • Indie exclusive transparent yellow vinyl, limited to 600 copies.
RELEASE DATE // June 22, 2018
12" Album / Epitaph / Rock
Third studio full length from This Wild Life. Petaluma is easily the Long Beach pop punk duo's most accessible work to date. The album comes following 2016's Low Tides and is filled to the brim with upbeat vibes and infectious melodies. Vocalist/guitarist Kevin Jordan goes so far as to call it "our best shit yet." But if you don't want to take his word for it, check "Catie Rae," "Headfirst," "Westside," and "Hold You Here." Delightful escapism at its most comfy. This is the 2018 indie exclusive transparent yellow colored vinyl pressing, complete with printed insert.
Tracklist: 1. Figure It Out
2. Headfirst
3. Catie Rae
4. Positively Negative
5. Westside
6. Hold You Here
7. Come Back Down
8. College Kids
9. Never Believe
10. No Need For Novocaine

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