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Toro y Moi

Outer Peace

  • Indie exclusive clear vinyl limited to 1,500 copies.
RELEASE DATE // Jan 18, 2019
12" Album / Carpark Records / Indie
Chaz Bear (fka Chaz Bundick) aka Toro Y Moi (aka Les Sins) is one of the few artists from that 2009 golden era who have carried on tirelessly into the current decade with plenty of good music to show for it. His last few records are just as good as any of his classic late-00s shit, and cover a range of styles: the Michael LP from his Les Sins project saw him step out on dancefloor beatdowns in long-playing format, Star Stuff (with The Mattson 2) was a splendidly lush foray into gypsy jazz, and Boo Boo folded the influence of OPN, Travis Scott and Daft Punk into the silky Toro potpourri to great effect. For Outer Peace, Chaz touches on all of the above, with a heavy helping of his characteristic rubbery funk setting off front-loaded ass-shaker “Ordinary Pleasure” and later flaunting his house chops on “Laws Of The Universe” and “Freelance,” the latter sounding like the Todd Edwards-produced Travis Scott joint of our dreams. He continues to refine his sound, and Outer Peace is his most pop-conscious effort to date. Abra, WET and Instupendo assist along the way.
Tracklist: 1. Fading
2. Ordinary Pleasure
3. Laws of the Universe
4. Miss Me (feat. ABRA)
5. New House
6. Baby Drive It Down
7. Freelance
8. Who Am I
9. Monte Carlo (feat. WET)
10. 50-50 (feat. Instupendo)

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