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The Original Animated Series Soundtrack

  • Optimus Prime variant (Blue and red stripe with gray splatter vinyl).
  • Bumblebee variant (Black and yellow stripe vinyl)
  • Megatron variant (Gray with purple splatter vinyl)
RELEASE DATE // Mar 9, 2018
12" Album / Enjoy The Ride Records, Sony Music / Soundtrack
Enjoy The Toons Records, in conjunction with Hasbro, Inc. and Sony Music/Legacy Recordings is proud to announce the release of Hasbro Studios Presents '80s TV Classics: Music from The Transformers on limited edition colored vinyl. This is the first official release of the score in any format - the album includes 45 minutes of unreleased music including the iconic opening theme song, composed Robert J. Walsh and Johnny Douglas. The album features music from seasons 1-3 of The Transformers animated series which debuted in 1984. It features a mix of orchestral and ‘80s inspired synth tracks which have been remastered from the original tapes by composer Robert J. Walsh. This limited edition album also features original artwork.

Original television series score by Robert J. Walsh and Johnny Douglas featuring 40 classic tracks from the cartoon, with gatefold cover lists episode source of each piece.
Tracklist: Side A
1. Opening Theme Song
2. Life
3. Cybertron Sorrow
4. The Bridge to Iacon
5. Unwelcoming Committee
6. Prepare
7. Attack! Attack!
8. Decepticon Drama
9. Explore! Repair!
10. Facing Disaster
11. Ominous Discovery
12. Elements of Danger
13. Something’s Wrong
14. Overcoming the Unstoppable
15. No More Worries
16. Unyielding
17. Heavy Mettle
18. Man and Machine
19. Matters and Antimatters
20 Battle Fearlessly
21. Ancient Legends
22. The March of War

Side B
1. Roll For Home
2. The Glimmer of Hope
3. Earth to Cybertron
4. Into the Jaws of Death
5. Doomed Together
6. The Wrong Readings Mean the Right Doom
7. Transformers Medley
8. Mad Planet
9. Conflict on Cassette
10. Pastoral Tranquility
11. From the Secret Files of Teletraan II
12. Separation Anxiety
13. Synthesized Magic
14. Sinister
15. Uneasy Advances
16. Epic Struggles
17. Mysterious Airs
18. Waking Nightmare

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