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Pacific Breeze 2 - Japanese City Pop, AOR & Boogie 1972-86

  • Purple vinyl. 2xLP
RELEASE DATE // May 15, 2020
12" Album / Light In The Attic / Organic Grooves, Rock, Indie, Pop
"With Pacific Breeze 2: Japanese City Pop, AOR & Boogie 1972-1986 we dig deeper into those sounds of bubble-era Japan. From the proto-City Pop funk of Bread & Butter and Eiichi Ohtaki to the crate-digger favorites Eri Ohno and Piper, the latest entry in Light In The Attic’s Japan Archival Series brings another set of sought-after tunes, most of which have never before been available outside of Japan. Tomoko Aran and Anri, also included in this compilation, are just a few of the artists who have gained popularity in recent years thanks to Vaporwave, the meme-genre that heavily samples Japanese City Pop to create its particular aesthetic. Pacific Breeze 2 once again feature the artwork of renowned Tokyo-based illustrator Hiroshi Nagai, whose iconic images of resort living have become synonymous with City Pop. Nagai’s urban tropical imagery is a perfect match for the expertly curated tunes, evoking a certain sense of nostalgia for the leisure lifestyles of ‘70s-’80s Tokyo, while simultaneously being perfectly in tune with the current zeitgeist." - Light In The Attic
Tracklist: 1. Pink Shadow - Bread & Butter
2. Yubikiri - Eiichi Ohtaki
3. Vibration (Love Celebration) - Kimiko Kasai
4. Kindaichi Kosuke No Theme - The Mystery Kindaichi Band
5. Hidari Mune No Seiza - Tetsuji HayashiBUY
6. Last Summer Whisper - Anri
7. Blind Curve - Momoko KikuchiBUY
8. I'm In Love - Tomoko Aran
9. Kindaichi Kosuke Nishi E Iku - Yu Imai
10. Tokyo Taste - Sadistics
11. Hot Sand - PiperBUY
12. Rainy Saturday Coffee Break - Junko Ohashi & Minoya Central Station
13. Skyfire - Eri Ohno
14. Kanpoo - Yumi MurataBUY
15. Harumifutou - Kyoko Furuya
16. Bay/Sky Provincetown 1977 - Yuji Toriyama

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