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The Beautiful Game

  • Gold vinyl, limited to 2.000 copies.
RELEASE DATE // Oct 4, 2019
12" Album / Vulf Records / Funk, Soul
The second full-length LP from Ann Arbor's Vulfpeck, who initially came together as a college rhythm section at the University of Michigan, later forming as an imagined German house funk band in the tradition of 1970s workhorse units The Meters, The MGs, The Funk Brothers and The Wrecking Crew. The sound of The Beautiful Game is consistent with this vision, rife with stripped-down no-nonsense funk rhythms peppered with weird / funny German vocals. It even landed on the Billboard R&B chart (#6!). The band released the album on their on Vulf Records imprint and it quickly went out of print, now trading hands for three figures.
Tracklist: 1. The Sweet Science
2. Animal Spirits
3. Dean Town
4. Conscious Club
5. El Chepe
6. 1 for 1, DiMaggio
7. Daddy, He Got a Tesla
8. Margery, My First Car
9. Aunt Leslie
10. Cory Wong

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