New releases // Apr 10, 2020


King Of The Beach (10th Anniversary Edition)

  • Limited edition purple kush colored vinyl
RELEASE DATE // Apr 10, 2020
12" Album / Fat Possum Records / Rock, Pop, Surf, Psychedelic Rock, Punk
After shaking the indie world up in 2009 with Wavves and Wavvves, Nathan Williams aka Wavves went through a public meltdown that culminated in a botched live performance in Spain and lots of canceled shows. King of the Beach dropped about a year after, and it redeemed Williams, who makes good on the early promise he showed as a “naïve punk” rocker recording at home.
Tracklist: 1. King of the Beach
2. Super Soaker
3. Idiot
4. When Will You Come?
5. Post Acid
6. Take on the World
7. Baseball Cards
8. Convertible Ballon
9. Green Eyes
10. Mickey Mouse
11. Linus Spacehead
12. Baby Say Goodbye
13. Mutant
14. Stained Glass (Won't You Let Me Into Yr Heart)

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