New releases // Jan 31, 2020

Wild Nothing

Laughing Gas EP

  • Milky White vinyl limited to 2.000 copies
January 31, 2020
12" EP / Captured Tracks / Rock, Indie Rock, Shoegaze
On Laughing Gas, the third EP from Wild Nothing, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Jack Tatum delves deeper into the territory where he thrives: namely, the synth and sophisti-pop of the 1980s. Working within a more mechanical and synthetic framework than his previous releases, Wild Nothing continues to delicately toe the line between the organic and the unnatural. These are still pop songs, but there’s an underlying sense of uneasiness that threads the music together.
  • Sleight Of Hand
  • Dizziness
  • Foyer
  • Blue Wings
  • The World Is A Hungry Place

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