Nitzer Ebb - 1982-2010

Nitzer Ebb


Clear vinyl with red and white splatter, limited to 500 copies.
Tracklist: A1 - Faded Smiles
A2 - Tradition
A3 - The Home
A4 - Star
B1 - The Passage
B2 - The Book
B3 - Crane
B4 - Trust Ran In Colours
A1 - Fitness To Purpose
A2 - Warsaw Ghetto
A3 - Violent Playground
A4 - Murderous
B1 - Smear Body
B2 - Join In The Chant
B3 - Alarm
B4 - Let Your Body Learn
C1 - Let Beauty Loose
C2 - Into The Large Air
C3 - Murderous (Instrumental)
C4 - Fitness To Purpose (Mix Two)
D1 - Join In The Chant (Burn! 12ā€ Mix)
D2 - Let Your Body Learn (12ā€ Mix)
D3 - Join In The Chant (Metal Mix)
A1 - Hearts And Minds
A2 - For Fun
A3 - Control I'm Here
A4 - Captivate
A5 - TWA
B1 - Blood Money
B2 - Shame
B3 - Drive
B4 - Without Belief
C1 - Control Iā€™m Here (Command Control Confront Mix)
C2 - Shame (Mix no 2 William Orbit)
C3 - K.I.A. (PK Mix)
D1 - Captivate (William Orbit Mix)
D2 - Hearts & Minds (Mix Subsonic)
D3 - Backlash (William Orbit Mix)
A1 - Getting Closer
A2 - Nobody Knows
A3 - One Mans Burden
A4 - All Over
A5 - My Heart
B1 - Lightning Man
B2 - Rope
B3 - Hold On
B4 - Fun To Be Had
C1 - Lightning Man (The Industry Vs. The Ebb Remix)
C2 - Fun To Be Had (Long Mix George Clinton)
C3 - Getting Closer (The Kitchen Mix)
D1 - Fun To Be Had (Dust Brothers Master Mix)
D2 - Lightning Man (RSW Mix)
D3 - Getting Closer (The Trance Mix)
A1 - Reasons
A2 - Lakeside Drive
A3 - I Give To You
A4 - Sugar Sweet
B1 - Time
B2 - Ascend
B3 - Godhead
B4 - Trigger Happy
C1 - Family Man (Jaz Coleman Mix)
C2 - Come Alive (Alan Wilder Mix)
C3 - Lovesick (Flood Mix)
C4 - Higher (Barry Adamson Mix)
D1 - Ascend (Vince Clarke Anonymous Mix)
D2 - I Give To You (Pestilence Mix)
D3 - Godhead (Remix)
A1 - Cherry Blossom
A2 - Hear Me Say
A3 - Kick It
A4 - I Thought
B1 - Floodwater
B2 - Border Talk
B3 - In Decline
B4 - Living Out Of A Bag
C1 - Boy
C2 - Our Own World
C3 - Friend (Brittle Mix)
C4 - Beats Me
D1 - Kick It (Adrian Sherwood Compulsion Edit)
D2 - Kick It (Popular Music Mix)
D3 - I Thought (Final Sin)

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