The Jasons - Get F*ked

The Jasons

Get F*ked

Limited to 250 copies Pink vinyl with white splatters, limited to 250 copies.
Tracklist: A1 - Freddy's Dead
A2 - Get Fucked
A3 - Looney Bin
A4 - Crack A Beer
A5 - New Wave Girl
A6 - American Slasher
A7 - I Cant Stop Killing
B1 - I Wanna Be An Asshole
B2 - Death Curse (It's Gotta)
B3 - Final Friday
B4 - Campmando
B5 - Tommy Was A Teenage Mutilator
B6 - Cropsey Was My Only Friend
B7 - Tina's Got Telekinesis
B8 - I Don't Wanna Masturbate To You (But I Do)

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