The Juliana Theory - Deadbeat Sweetheartbeat

The Juliana Theory

Deadbeat Sweetheartbeat

524 Clear w/ Silver Color-In-Color & Blue Splatter, Clear w/ Gold Color-In-Color & Green Splatter viny. 25 test presses.
Tracklist: A1 - This Is A Lovesong... For The Loveless
A2 - We Make The Road By Walking
A3 - Shotgun Serenade
A4 - Leave Like A Ghost (Drive Away)
B1 - My Heart Is A Soldier
B2 - I Love You To Death (Drive Safe)
B3 - This Valentine Ain't No Saint
B4 - 10,000 Questions
C1 - The Final Song
C2 - French Kiss Off
C3 - Her Velvet Voice
D1 - Over The Earth
D2 - Slowly Flying Solo
D3 - Opposite Parallel Poles
D4 - Can't Suspend It

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