Tobacco - Ultima II Massage


Ultima II Massage

Ultima II Massage 2XLP hand-dipped by New Fumes in Dallas. Limited to 300 units in the Rad Cult store, 500 to The Ghostly Store.
Tracklist: A1 - Streaker
A2 - Good Complexion
A3 - Video Warning Attempts
A4 - Eruption
A5 - Lipstick Destroyer
B1 - Self Tanner
B2 - Face Breakout
B3 - Blow Your Heart
B4 - Beast Sting
B5 - Dipsmack
C1 - Creaming For Beginners
C2 - Omen Classic
C3 - Pool City, McKnight Road
C4 - Spitlord
C5 - Father Sister Berzerker
D1 - The Touch From Within
D2 - Bonus Beat: Bronze Hogan

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