AFI - Very Proud Of Ya


Very Proud Of Ya

Reissue on red vinyl and sold exclusively at Hot Topic.
Tracklist: A1 - He Who Laughs Last...
A2 - File 13
A3 - Wake-Up Call
A4 - Cult Status
A5 - Perfect Fit
A6 - Advances In Modern Technology
A7 - Theory Of Revolution
A8 - This Secret Ninja
A9 - Soap Box Derby
A10 - Aspirin Free
B1 - Fishbowl
B2 - Charles Atlas
B3 - Crop Tub
B4 - Consult My Lover
B5 - Take The Test
B6 - Two Of A Kind
B7 - Shatty Fatmas
B8 - Yürf Rendenmein
B9 - Cruise Control
B10 - Modern Epic
B11 - Who Said You Could Touch Me?*
B12 - Rolling Balls*
B13 - Love Is A Many Splendored Thing*

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