Douglas Pipes - Trick 'R Treat

Douglas Pipes

Trick 'R Treat

Limited edition, orange and black swirl vinyl.
Tracklist: A1 - Spooky Guidelines
A2 - It's Halloween, Not Hanukkah / Main Titles
A3 - Meet Charlie
A4 - Charlie Bites It
A5 - Father And Son
A6 - Meet Rhonda
A7 - To The Quarry
B1 - The Halloween Schoolbus Massacre
B2 - The Elevator/Laurie On The Prowl
B3 - Halloween Prank
B4 - Not A Trick/Red And Black
B5 - Laurie's First Time
C1 - Old Mr. Kreeg
C2 - Pumpkin Shooter/Meet Sam
C3 - The Bus Driver
C4 - The Neighborhood
C5 - Trick 'R Treat
C6 - End Credits
D1 - Emma
D2 - Always Check Your Candy
D3 - Wilkins' Backyard
D4 - Rock Quarry
D5 - Sheep Meadow
D6 - Old Mr. Kreeg's House

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