Face To Face -Three Chords And A Half Truth

Face To Face

Three Chords And A Half Truth

Exclusive double LP limited to 500 copies. Green marbled vinyl.
Tracklist:A1 - 123 Drop
A2 - Welcome Back To Nothing
A3 - Smokestacks And Skyscrapers
A4 - Right As Rain
A5 - First Step, Misstep
A6 - Bright Lights Go Down
B1 - Paper Tigers With Teeth
B2 - Flat Black
B3 - Jinxproof
B4 - Marked Man
B5 - Three Chords And A Half Truth
B6 - Across State Lines
C1 - Hard Case
C2 - The Breaks
C3 - Dead To Rights
C4 - Truth In Advertising
C5 - Don't Take The High Road

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