Jason Graves -Far Cry Primal Original Game Soundtrack

Jason Graves

Far Cry Primal Original Game Soundtrack

"Glacier" variant on white-in-light blue translucent colored vinyl.
Tracklist: A1 - The Shaman's Story
A2 - Save The Wenja
A3 - The Fires Of Conquest
A4 - The Mammoth Hunt
A5 - Attack Of The Udam
B1 - The Taken Wenja
B2 - The Call Of The Widu
B3 - Sarta Wenja
B4 - Trials Of The Gwarpati
B5 - Vision Of Fire
B6 - Prowl Of The Snowblood Wolves
C1 - The Flames Of Suxli
C2 - Clash Of The Udam
C3 - Batari's Song Of Fire
C4 - The Mask Of Krati
C5 - The Altar Of Suxli
D1 - Survival Of The Udam
D2 - The Wrath Of Ull
D3 - Vision Of Beasts
D4 - Hunt For The Great Scar Bear
D5 - The Search For Lost Wenja

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