Mark Mothersbaugh -The Lego Movie (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

Mark Mothersbaugh

The Lego Movie (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

WYLDSTYLE Numbered Deluxe Edition - limited to 200 copies. Clear with black, purple & blue splatter vinyl.
Tracklist:A1 - "Everything Is Awesome!!!"
A2 - Prologue
A3 - Emmet's Morning
A4 - Emmet Falls In Love
A5 - Escape
A6 - Into The Old West
A7 - Wyldstyle Explains
B1 - Emmet's Mind
B2 - The Transformation
B3 - Saloons And Wagons
B4 - Batman
B5 - Middle Zealand
B6 - Cloud Cuckooland And Ben The Spaceman
B7 - Emmet's Speech
B8 - Submarines And Metal Beard
C1 - Requiem For Cuckooland
C2 - Reaching The Kragle
C3 - Emmet's Plan
C4 - The Truth
C5 - Wyldstyle Leads
C6 - Let's Put It All Back
D1 - I Am A Master Builder
D2 - My Secret Weapon
D3 - We Did It!
D4 - "Everything Is Awesome!!!"
D5 - "Everything Is Awesome!!!" (Unplugged)
D6 - "Untitled Self Portrait"
D7 - "Everything Is Awesome!!!" (Instrumental)

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