Joonas Turner -Tormentor X Punisher: Original Soundtrack

Joonas Turner

Tormentor X Punisher: Original Soundtrack

Pink marbled vinyl.
Tracklist:A1 - Intro
A2 - Tormentor X Punisher
A3 - Bigbones
A4 - Carrion
A5 - Craw
A6 - Gutshank
A7 - Golem
A8 - Snitch
A9 - Priestess
A10 - Deahkcuf
B11 - Demon Take The Hindmost
B12 - Carry On
B13 - Smells Like Birdshit
B14 - You Saw Your Doom
B15 - Slabbing
B16 - Dance Around The Dead Rat
B17 - It Took The Night To Believe
B18 - Deadmeat
B19 - Hard Time
B20 - Schemes Of The Familiar
B21 - Survival
B22 - Whats On The Menu
B23 - Outro

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