Joseph LoDuca - The Evil Dead - A Nightmare Reimagined

Joseph LoDuca

The Evil Dead - A Nightmare Reimagined

MondoCon Exclusive tri-color swirl vinyl (Snot Green, Red Swirl & Pink Splatters), limited to 500 copies only with exclusive slipcase and MondoCon obi Strip.
Tracklist: A1 - A Nightmare Reimagined - Overture
A2 - Main Title
A3 - Evild Dawn. The Cabin Revisited
A4 - Automatic Writing
A5 - Get The Lantern
A6 - Incantation
B1 - Eye Games - Charm
B2 - The Vines
B3 - Panic
B4 - Wont Let Us Leave - Card Tricks - Pencil It In
B5 - Love Never Dies
C1 - Give Us Your Skin
C2 - Ok Now
C3 - Axe Girlfriend
C4 - We're Gonna Taunt You
C5 - Shelly Attacks
C6 - Try To Dismember
C7 - Burying Linda
C8 - Cheryl's Out There
C9 - Cant Find Her Keys
C10 - Bridge Out
D1 - Dagger Attack
D2 - Remembering Linda
D3 - Two Against One
D4 - Book Burning
D5 - Charmed
D6 - We're Gonna Get You
D7 - Building The Deathcoaster

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