Kingston Wall - Real Live Thing

Kingston Wall

Real Live Thing

Yellow splatter vinyl limited to 350 copies. 5xLP
Tracklist: A1 - With My Mind
A2 - Two Of A Kind
A3 - I'm The King, I'm The Sun
B1 - Get Rid Of Your Fears
B2 - When Something Old Dies
B3 - Take You To Sweet Harmony
B4 - Love Tonight
B5 - For All Mankind
C1 - Istwan
C2 - Could It Be So?
C3 - Time
D1 - Waste Of Time
D2 - Nepal
E1 - Mushrooms - Prelude
E2 - And I Hear You Call
E3 - Circumstances
E4 - I'm Not The One
F1 - Can't Get Thru
F2 - Used To Feel Before
F3 - Shine On Me
G1 - You
G2 - Pal├ękastro
H1 - Skies Are Open
H2 - Welcome To The Mirrorland
H3 - On My Own
I1 - We Cannot Move
I2 - And It's Happening
I3 - Another Piece Of Cake
J1 - The Real Thing
J2 - The Answer - Mushrooms VIII
J3 - Have You Seen Pyg-mies

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