Kool Keith & Tashan Dorrsett -The Preacher

Kool Keith, Tashan Dorrsett

The Preacher

Red translucent vinyl.
Tracklist: A1 - Let Me Breath
A2 - Spanked
A3 - Do You Wanna Ride?
A4 - V.I.P
A5 - The Preacher
A6 - Touch Her
A7 - Basquiat
A8 - Referee
B1 - Let Me Breath (Instrumental)
B2 - Spanked (Instrumental)
B3 - Do You Wanna Ride? (Instrumental)
B4 - V.I.P (Instrumental)
B5 - The Preacher (Instrumental)
B6 - Touch Her (Instrumental)
B7 - Basquiat (Instrumental)
B8 - Referee (Instrumental)

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