Meatmen - Savage Sagas From The Meatmen


Savage Sagas From The Meatmen

Grey splatter vinyl limited to 100 copies.
Tracklist: A1 - Men O'Meat
A2 - Dinosaur
A3 - I'm Gonna Fuck You Up
A4 - Pissed Hot For Weed
A5 - Death Rig 9000
A6 - Anna Moose
A7 - KKK
A8 - The Ballad Of Stinky Penis
A9 - The Dwarves Are The 2nd Greatest Band In The World
A10 - They Just Don't Make 'Em Anymore
B1 - Skecky Presents...
B2 - It's Amateur Night At Uncle Bux Bikini Club
B3 - Speed Kills (But It Sho Feels Good)
B4 - Big Bloody Booger On The Bathroom Wall
B5 - Billy's Birthday Surprise
B6 - Rock N' Roll Enema
B7 - Pork Chop And A .22
B8 - 12 Soft
B9 - Wizards Of The Oblivion

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