Medicine - Home Everywhere


Home Everywhere

The Special Edition version of the Medicine LP includes Home Everywhere, pressed on purple vinyl. Bonus LP: Brad Laner’s score of the Beautiful Noise Documentary pressed on swirled teal vinyl. Limited to 500 copies.
Tracklist: - Home Everywhere
A1 - The Reclaimed Girl
A2 - Turning
A3 - Move Along - Down the Road
A4 - Don't Be Slow
A5 - Cold Life
A6 - They Will Not Die
B1 - It's All About You
B2 - The People
B3 - Home Everywhere
- Music For Beautiful Noise
A1 - Induction
A2 - Murexes
A3 - Elco Prac
A4 - Cave Nine
A5 - Theme Three
A6 - Theme One
A7 - Crunch December
A8 - JJJ
B1 - Sycamore Reduction
B2 - Gold Blues One
B3 - Theme Two
B4 - Codex
B5 - Feedbacks
B6 - Theme Four
B7 - Gymnop
B8 - Another One More
B9 - Gold Blues Three
B10 - Sycamore Grove

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