Monster Rally - Mystery Cove

Monster Rally

Mystery Cove

Newbury Comics exclusive milky clear vinyl with purple and blue splatter, limited to 400 copies.
Tracklist: A1 - Washed Ashore
v2 - Full Sail
A3 - Pelicans
A4 - In The Valleys
A5 - The Birds Pt. 4
A6 - Island Romance
A7 - Banana Bread
A8 - Mystic
A9 - The Island School
B1 - In The Canopy
B2 - The Big Surf
B3 - Tourismo
B4 - Moonlight Chase
B5 - Moondog
B6 - After Hours
B7 - Burning Citrus
B8 - The Tiki Room
B9 - Smokey Cabana
B10 - Little Buddy
B11 - Misty Sunset

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