No Use For A Name - All The Best Songs

No Use For A Name

All The Best Songs

Deluxe edition of 476 pressed on one brown with gold splatter LP and one blue/yellow with black splatter LP.
Tracklist: A1 - International You Day
A2 - Justified Black Eye
A3 - Coming Too Close
A4 - Invincible
A5 - Dumb Reminders
A6 - Biggest Lie
A7 - Fatal Flu
B1 - Life Size Mirror
B2 - On The Outside
B3 - Soulmate
B4 - Let Me Down
B5 - The Feel Good Song Of The Year
B6 - Permanent Rust
B7 - Chasing Rainbows
C1 - The Trumpet Player
C2 - Not Your Savior
C3 - Black Box
C4 - The Answer Is Still No
C5 - Straight From The Jacket
C6 - Any Number Can Play
C7 - For Fiona
D1 - The Daily Grind
D2 - Under The Garden
D3 - Let It Slide
D4 - Feeding The Fire
D5 - Part Two
D6 - Growing Down
D7 - Exit

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