Northlane - Singularity



Northlane album 'Singularity' as a 2LP, gatefold package that includes the instrumental version of the album. Exclusive to Record Store Day 2015, clear w/ purple/blue/orange/yellow splatter vinyl, limited to 500 copies.
Tracklist: A1 - Genesis
A2 - Scarab
A3 - Windbreaker
A4 - World Eater
A5 - Quantum Flux
B1 - Dream Awake
B2 - The Calling
B3 - Masquerade
B4 - Singularity
B5 - Aspire
C1 - Genesis (Instrumental)
C2 - Scarab (Instrumental)
C3 - Windbreaker (Instrumental)
C4 - World Eater (Instrumental)
C5 - Quantum Flux (Instrumental)
D1 - Dream Awake (Instrumental)
D2 - The Calling (Instrumental)
D3 - Masquerade (Instrumental)
D4 - Singularity (Instrumental)
D5 - Aspire (Instrumental)

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