Peter McConnell - Psychonauts (Original Soundtrack)

Peter McConnell

Psychonauts (Original Soundtrack)

PAX exclusive, orange translucent with pink "brain" splatter vinyl, limited to 500 copies, with extras being sold on the iam8bit website. Comes in a die-cut cover with a wheel that can be turned around to spin the brain on the cover.
Tracklist: A1 - The Meat Circus
A2 - Whispering Rock
A3 - Stay Out Of The Moonlight
A4 - Hagatha's Home
A5 - Happy Flowers
A6 - The Lungfish Lair
A7 - The Milkman Conspiracy
A8 - Dr. Loboto's Lab
A9 - Duel With The Critic
B1 - The Catwalk Phantom
B2 - March Of The Inmates
B3 - Sasha's Immaculate Mind
B4 - The Censors Unleashed
B5 - Black Velvetopia
B6 - The Wild Bull Run - El Odio
B7 - The Matador
B8 - Gloria's Secret Garden
B9 - Bonita's Tragic Muse
B10 - Bunk Time
B11 - Title And End Credits
B12 - Emotional Baggage

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