Richard Einhorn -Shock Waves (Original Motion Picture Score)

Richard Einhorn

Shock Waves (Original Motion Picture Score)

Sea foam green vinyl.
Tracklist: A1 - Shock Waves (Opening Titles)
A2 - Where It All Began
A3 - Zombie Chase
A4 - Death Corps
A5 - Arrival On The Island
A6 - An Unearthly Glow
A7 - Rescue 1
A8 - Nazis From The Deep
A9 - Discovering The Captain
A10 - Laying Ben To Rest
A11 - Towards The Hotel / Dobbs Finds The Zombies
A12 - Danger In The Water
A13 - All I Can Remember
A14 - Neither Weapons Nor Shields
A15 - Rescue 2
A16 - Dog Watch
B1 - Hit By A Ghost Ship
B2 - The Sea Spits Up What It Can't Keep Down
B3 - Life Underwater
B4 - Always Lurking
B5 - The Light
B6 - The Deep End Of Horror
B7 - The Grave Of A Ghost Ship
B8 - Awaken From The Grave
B9 - Shock Waves (Alternate)
B10 - Where It All Began (Alternate)
B11 - Towards The Hotel (Alternate)
B12 - Hit By A Ghost Ship (Alternate)
B13 - Death Corps (Alternate)

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