Samuel Safa - 2Dark

Samuel Safa


Red with black splatter vinyl.
Tracklist: A1 - Main Theme 2Dark
A2 - Forest
A3 - My Home
A4 - Carlotta, The Bearded Woman
A5 - The Gloomy Ghost Train
A6 - Petronelli's Circus
A7 - Fight With A Vicious Clown
A8 - Sylvia's Dolls
A9 - Playtime
A10 - 2Dark 4bit
B1 - Kill The Snooper
B2 - Dr Ernest Miguele
B3 - Le Tango De Lewis
B4 - Fight The Pig
B5 - Of Dogs And Kids
B6 - Ritual
B7 - Krach
B8 - Helen
B9 - It Didn't Have To Be This Way

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