Sean Callery - Jessica Jones - Season One (Original Soundtrack)

Sean Callery

Jessica Jones - Season One (Original Soundtrack)

Purple vinyl limited to 3,000 copies.
Tracklist: A1 - Jessica Jones Main Title
A2 - Then There's The Matter Of You
A3 - Fire Escape Night Shift
A4 - Alias Investigations
A5 - Fight At Luke's Bar
A6 - Nurse Jessica
A7 - Rescuing Hope From The Hotel Bed
B1 - Kidnapping Kilgrave
B2 - Sleepover At Luke's
B3 - Jessica On The Move
B4 - Cockroach
B5 - Luke's Revenge On The Bus Driver
B6 - Elevator Massacre
C1 - Looking For Kilgrave-Bus Accident Vision
C2 - Hospital Cat And Mouse
C3 - Gift From Trish
C4 - Kilgrave Escapes His Glass Prison
C5 - Tailing Malcolm
D1 - Jessica Confesses To Luke
D2 - Restaurant Flashback
D3 - Jones-Cage Match
D4 - Final Justice For The Purple Man
D5 - Maybe It's Enough The World Thinks I'm A Hero

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