Various - Adventure Time Presents: The Music Of Ooo


Adventure Time Presents: The Music Of Ooo

Blue & white "Finn" split vinyl. Comes in a gatefold cover with spot varnished artwork.
Tracklist: A1 - Adventure Time Theme Song
A2 - Baby
A3 - Home Song
A4 - Friends
A5 - Susan Strong
A6 - All Gummed Up Inside
A7 - All Warmed Up Inside
A8 - As A Tropical Island/On A Tropical Island
A9 - Extremities Song (Balloon Music)
A10 - Melons (I Was Wrong)
A11 - My Best Friends In The World
A12 - Oh Fionna
A13 - Sleepy Puppies
A14 - Bacon Pancakes
A15 - Dream Of Love
A16 - Let Me Show You Something Special
A17 - Oh Bubblegum
A18 - Bad Little Boy
A19 - Good Little Girl
B1 - I Just Can't Get Over You
B2 - Have You Ever Had A Friend
B3 - Lemonhope's Got Feet
B4 - Lemonhope's Song
B5 - Rap Bear & Finn's Rap
B6 - A Kingdom From A Spark
B7 - Baby's Building A Tower Into Space
B8 - Everything's Falling Into Place
B9 - Food Chain Song
B10 - Little Brothers
B11 - Lost In The Darkness
B12 - Money
B13 - Prismo's Ritual
B14 - That's All I Need
B15 - We're Plants
B16 - Yeah, Girl It Stinks
B17 - Everything Stays (Young Marceline & Mom)
B18 - Candy Kingdom (Bonus)
B19 - Everything Stays

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