Sheer Terror - The Bulldog Box

Sheer Terror

The Bulldog Box

Special colored vinyl limited to 228 copies.
Tracklist: - No Grounds For Pity
A1 - Fashon Fighter
A2 - Owe You Nothing
A3 - Burning Time
A4 - Into My Life
A5 - Not Giving Up
A6 - Only 13
A7 - Howard Unruh
A8 - Obsoletion
A9 - Rome Song
B1 - Everything And Nothing
B2 - Smile, For A Price
B3 - Ashes, Ashes
B4 - Only 13
B5 - Walls
B6 - Burning Time
B7 - Into My Life
B8 - Ready To Halt
B9 - Twisting And Turning
- Just Can't Hate Enough
C1 - Here To Stay
C2 - Twisting And Turning
C3 - Ashes, Ashes
C4 - Cup O' Joe
C5 - Just Can't Hate Enough
C6 - I, Spoiler (Live At CBGB)
C7 - Boys Don't Cry (Live At CBGB)
D1 - Roses
D2 - Owe You Nothing
D3 - Ready To Halt
D4 - Walls
D5 - Only 13
D6 - Burning Time
D7 - Just Can't Hate Enough (Live At CBGB)
- Thanks Fer Nuthin'
E1 - Three Year Bitch
E2 - Time Don't Heal A Thing
E3 - Yesterdays Sweetheart
E4 - Don't Hate Me 'Cause Im Beautiful
E5 - Close My Eyes
E6 - I Need Lunch
F1 - I, Spoiler
F2 - LULU Roman
F3 - Hymn 43
F4 - Bulldog
F5 - You Cant Put Your Arms Around A Memory
- Old, New, Borrowed And Blue
G1 - Walls (Ep Version)
G2 - Broke (Ep Version)
G3 - Everything's Fine (Ep Version)
G4 - Goodbye, Farewell (Ep Version)
G5 - I Still Miss Someone
H1 - Said And Done
H2 - Walls (Demo)
H3 - Broke (Demo)
H4 - Everything's Fine (Demo)
H5 - Goodbye, Farewell (Demo)
- Unheard Unloved
I1 - Love Song For The Unloved
I2 - A Tale Of Moran
I3 - Jimmy High Life
I4 - Not Waving, Drowning
I5 - Rock Bottom On The Kitchen Floor
J1 - College Boy
J2 - Dunk! Divorced! And Downhill Fast!
J3 - For Rudy the Kraut
J4 - Walnut Street
J5 - Be Stilly My Heart (You're Killing Me)

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