The Motel Bible - Regression

The Motel Bible


Released for the first and only time on vinyl. Pressed on ‘Give A Handmade Enough Rope and Eventually It'll Variant Itself’ clear w/ half-tone pixel inlays, black & white smoke and black & metallic silver radial splatter vinyl, limited to 50 copies. Housed inside a black & white, matte-printed, single-sleeve jacket, featuring individual silver-foil stamped numbering. Matte-black, poly-lined inner-sleeve; black & white, double-sided, credit & artwork insert; bonus 'Motel Bible' keychain & sticker included.
Tracklist: A1 - Inspirational Sermons
A2 - Eighty-Four Thousand Hours You'll Never Get Back
A3 - DFL
A4 - Give A Man Enough Rope And Eventually He'll Hang Himself
A5 - Trading Spouses For History Lessons
A6 - Mathematical Theory Of Human Relationship
A7 - A Self Improvement Book Written By Assholes
A8 - As A Rule, Time And Self Worth Should Be Measured In Currency
A9 - Unselfish Giving, Selfish Taking
A10 - Ken Lay Is Dead Because He Got What's Coming To Him
A11 - A Christian Investment In Your Future
A12 - Mathematical Theory Of Human Relationship
A13 - Opression Succession, Get Fucked
B1 - Eliminate Middle Class Legally, One Hundred-Year Plan
B2 - Jeff The Pigeon Live Set

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