The Residents & Doc Wör Mirran - Holy Kiss Of Flesh / Songs For Nambia

The Residents , Doc Wör Mirran , Adrian Gormley

Holy Kiss Of Flesh / Songs For Nambia

MK Ultra edition. Limited and numbered edition of 46 copies, issued on clear vinyl filled with red and white liquid, in a clear thick plastic envelope inserted into a black plastic bubble-wrap sleeve with a circular 12" uniquely painted plastic plate attached to one side and an A4 printed foil card attached to the other side. Includes a 12" double-sided insert with a matte image printed on foil on one side and release info on the other side. Some copies include a small 3D photo of the Residents, while some copies include a small zip-lock bag with yellow and blue Residents M&M's.
Tracklist: A - Holy Kiss Of Flesh
B1 - Pogrom Intro
B2 - The Nambian National Anthem
B3 - Unarted
B4 - Modulated
B5 - Pogrom Outro

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